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RUSA LGBTQ is a network for Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ individuals, their friends, supporters and loved ones. RUSA LGBTQ+ has welcomed many LGBTQ+ asylum seekers from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

RUSA LGBTQ+ provides informational support to asylum seekers and organizes social events to increase acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people within the Russian-speaking public. We fight for social justice, human and civil rights for LGBTQ+ people in America and in the Former Soviet Union. RUSA LGBTQ+ advocates for justice for asylum seekers and for equality worldwide!

RUSA LGBTQ+ was formed in 2008.

Executive Team

RUSA LGBTQ+ has experienced remarkable growth and development since its establishment in 2008. Our staff's exceptional expertise and unique experiences and skills have played a significant role in contributing to our mission, and we take great pride in that.

Board of Directors

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