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Samantha Shokin

Core Volunteer, Grant writing

Country of origin/assiciation:

United States

Samantha Shokin is a first-generation American with Ashkenazi roots in Ukraine and Belarus. She has been a dedicated member of RUSA LGBTQ+ since 2020. Her involvement has significantly impacted RUSA's efforts, especially around Ukraine.

Born in New York, Samantha is both a writer and musician. She's written powerful essays on immigrant communities that have been published in Tablet Magazine, The Forward, and VICE Magazine.

In 2021, she took on a project in Kyiv, managing an EU-funded initiative to protect Jewish cemeteries in Central and Eastern Europe. Samantha is deeply passionate about folkways, foodways, and traditional music. She's an alum of NYU Gallatin and CUNY Baruch, holding degrees that further highlight her commitment to her work and the communities she supports.

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