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Sara Karpukhin

Core Volunteer, Book Club Lead

Country of origin/assiciation:


Since becoming a commited volunteer of RUSA LGBTQ+ in 2022,S ara has since made a remarkable impact with her virtual initiative, "Book Club - Queer in Russian," which had significant success amoung community members.

Outside RUSA, Sara works as an instructor for the Russian program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research is primarily anchored around Vladimir Nabokov, with her dissertation shedding light on the integration of the classical tradition in Russian interwar émigré literature and its reflection in Nabokov’s writings. Sara is deeply intrigued by the adaptability and resilience evident in the works she studies, notably in the face of loss - be it country, culture, or language.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Sara is also an adept writer, writing both fiction and essays in English, and occasionally, in Russian.

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