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Lieb Fischbach

Board Member

Country of origin/assiciation:

Urals, Russia

Lieb, a gay man, left Russia to escape persecution based on his sexual orientation and activism. He joined RUSA LGBTQ as a volunteer in 2010, bringing a passion for social action and community engagement. Before that, Lieb was actively involved in the Social Action Group and was crucial in establishing the Immigration Source Fair at the New York City LGBT Community Center.

In 2019, he became RUSA’s Co-President, showcasing exceptional leadership skills and a commitment. Recognizing his dedication and contributions, Lieb was elected to the new RUSA Board in 2022. Over his 12 years with RUSA, Lieb has organized over 300 community events, including advocacy efforts for systematic reforms. He represented RUSA in the meetings around LGBTQIA rights in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, White House, the Mayor's Office in New York, and the Public Advocate Office of New York.

By participating in events that bring together ethnic leaders, Lieb has facilitated meaningful discussions on immigration policy, civic engagement, foreign policy, and other pressing matters affecting our communities.

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