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Daniela Lapidous

Core Volunteer, Development Coordinator

Country of origin/assiciation:

United States

Having joined RUSA LGBTQ+ in 2021, Daniela has been actively contributing to the organization's goals ever since. While she dedicates a significant amount of her time to RUSA, her primary role is as the Chief of Strategy at the Green New Deal Network, where she works on groundbreaking climate justice initiatives.

Daniela has a lenghty history of involvement in progressive causes, highlighted by her work with the Bernie Sander's 2020 national organizing team. At the time, she managed communications and played a key role in organizing efforts.

Daniela is a queer person with family roots in Soviet Russia — a personal connection to her involvement with RUSA. She holds a degree in Sustainable Development from Columbia University; speaks Russian, English, and French.

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