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Press Coverage and Media Mentions of RUSA LGBTQ+

Feb 15, 2024

Gay City News

NYPD competed with anti-LGBTQ Chechen authorities in Dubai

May 19, 2024

Gay City News

Eighth annual Brighton Beach Pride March takes over southern Brooklyn

Mar 5, 2024

DW in Russian

Трамп или Байден: За Кого Проголосует Русскоязычный Боайтон-Бич

Trump or Biden: Who the Russian Speaking Brighton Beach Will Vote For

May 15, 2023

The Guardian

‘This is not a small issue’: the devastating plight of LGBTQ asylum seekers

Dec 15, 2023


These Are the Effects of Russia’s Crackdown on LGBTQ Existence

Aug 2, 2023


Russia Drove LGBTQ+ People Underground. This DJ Fled and Found Community in NYC.

Jun 12, 2023


Republicans Accused of Echoing 'Putin's Playbook' With Anti-LGBTQ+ Campaign

Nov 30, 2023

Gay City News

RUSA LGBTQ+ blasts Russian Supreme Court ruling outlawing ‘LGBTQ movement’

Jun 10, 2023

RTVI (NYC-based Russian-language TV)

Белый Дом пытается принять закон о защите ЛГБТК+

The White House tries to pass a law to protect LGBTQ+

May 22, 2023

Gay City News

Brighton Beach Pride spotlights LGBTQ rights, war, immigration, and democracy

Nov 23, 2023

Voice of America

Любой ЛГБТ-человек может стать потенциальным преступником»: чем грозит признание «ЛГБТ-движения» экстремистским?

"Any LGBT person can become a potential criminal": what are the risks of recognizing the "LGBT movement" as extremist?

Jun 17, 2023

RIA Novosti (Russia's state-owned agency)

Russian Gays in US Call for Boycott of Sochi Games

Mar 11, 2022

The Guardian

Russian flags come down in New York’s Little Odessa: ‘Putin has turned it into a fascist symbol’

Mar 20, 2022

Brooklyn Magazine

‘Putin! Asshole!’ Scenes From a Pro-Ukraine March from Coney Island to Brighton Beach

Feb 28, 2022

Brooklyn Paper

Brighton Beach rallies for Ukraine as Russian invasion pushes on

May 22, 2022

Gay City News

Brighton Beach Pride March honors Ukrainian resistance

May 23, 2022

Brooklyn Magazine

Scenes From Sunday’s Brighton Beach Pride Parade

May 19, 2021

Gay City News

Local Pride Organizers Announce Virtual and In-Person Events

Jan 27, 2021

Michigan University

CREES Noon Lecture. Being Queer in Russia: A Conversation about Challenges Facing Russia’s LGBTQ+ Movement

Feb 10, 2021


LGBTQ+ Activists Want Biden, Pelosi to Denounce Arrest of Gay Chechen Men in Russia

May 28, 2020

Gay City News

RUSA LGBT Plans Virtual Brighton Beach “Pride Without Borders”

Jun 2, 2020

Gay City News

RUSA LGBT Leads Virtual Brighton Beach Pride on YouTube Live

Jan 8, 2019

Gay City News

Brooklyn Councilmember’s Quiet Anti-LGBTQ Crusade

Feb 13, 2019


Ten Exiled LGBTQ Activists Speak

Jan 14, 2019


Activists Say 40 Detained And 2 Dead In Gay Purge In Chechnya

Jul 18, 2018


Trump's Friendship With Putin Is Terrifying for LGBTQ+ Americans

Dec 26, 2018


New York’s post-Soviet gay community discusses imported homophobia

Jun 8, 2018


This World Cup, let’s talk about Russia’s LGBTIQ rights record

Jun 7, 2018


LGBTQ Russians Are Fleeing To NYC, But They Still Face Hostility

Jun 8, 2018


Russian-speaking LGBT activists paint a rainbow in New York Hostility follows many Russian-speaking LGBT asylum seekers to New York.

Jun 1, 2018


Celebrate LGBTQ Pride 2018 In Brooklyn

Nov 28, 2018

Guac Magazine

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn: “невидимый: A Home for Whom?”

Aug 9, 2018

The Pink News

Gay singer Zelim Bakaev went missing a year ago in Chechnya—what happened to him remains a mystery

Feb 12, 2018


Intimate photos of a queer New York kiss-in

Feb 14, 2018

Voices4 & RUSA LGBT Braved the Rain For a Big, Queer 'Kiss-In' Protest

May 22, 2017


NYT: Gay Russians Face Discrimination in Brooklyn

Jun 19, 2017


On the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Trail

Feb 13, 2017

Gay Times

Voices4 stage New York City queer kiss-in to stop anti-LGBTQ purges

May 24, 2017


Activist Lyosha Gorshkov On Brighton Beach Pride Parade & RUSA LGBT

Jun 27, 2017


The politics of Pride in Brighton Beach

May 22, 2017


‘Make Birobidzhan Gay Again’ Dispatch from the inaugural Brighton Beach Pride Parade in south Brooklyn

Jul 12, 2017

Daily Beast

Ukrainian LGBT Leader, Taras Karasiichuk, Seeks U.S. Asylum

Nov 9, 2017

NBC News

Chechen Pop Singer Feared Kidnapped, Victim of 'Anti-Gay Purge'

May 17, 2017


Only Greater Political Will Can Save Gay Chechens

May 11, 2017


What It's Like Being a Gay Russian Asylum Seeker in America

May 21, 2017

The New York Times

After Fleeing Bias at Home, Gay Russians Say It Persists in Brooklyn

Oct 17, 2017


A March for Chechnya This Weekend Rallied All of Gay Instagram

Feb 3, 2016

The Nation

Transgender Russians Struggle to Take Their Movement Out of the Shadows

May 23, 2015

Marketing the rainbow

Case study: IKEA

Jul 31, 2015

Kyiv Post

Ukrainian gay couple marry in New York, plans to fight for equal rights at home

Feb 19, 2014


Gay Russian Artist Says He Won't Let Being Exiled Stop Him From Fighting Putin

Feb 6, 2014


How Yelena Goltsman Ended Up on the Front Lines in the Battle To Boycott the Olympics

Feb 3, 2014

Daily News

Russian expat says country’s anti-gay laws go against Olympic spirit, plans to protest Sochi Games

Jun 29, 2014

Al Jazeera

Gay pride parade hits happy, bittersweet notes in New York

Jan 14, 2014

The Mercury

LGBT activists give 45,000 signatures to IKEA U.S. Headquarters in Conshohocken

Feb 14, 2014

The Moscow Times

Rodnina's Daughter Nominated For LGBT Award

Feb 19, 2014

The Nation

Sochi 2014: Where Pussy Riot Gets Whipped by Cossacks

Aug 1, 2013

United Press International

Gay-rights activists pour out vodka in front of Russian consulate

Jul 30, 2013

Gay City News

ACT UP Disrupts Stoli Splash Bash; July 31 Demo Planned at Russian Consulate

Nov 25, 2013


Ikea Store In Brooklyn, N.Y. Hit With Gay Protest After Company Nixes Lesbian Magazine Article

Aug 16, 2013

The Georgia Voice

Russia’s iron closet

Dec 3, 2013


Johnny Weir Calls LGBT Protesters Picketing His Speaking Event "Idiots," Apologizes

Sep 23, 2013


New York's Metropolitan Opera Season Opens With Gay Protest

Aug 29, 2013

The Georgia Straight

LGBT activists dump Coca-Cola to protest Russia's antigay laws

Sep 2, 2013


Yelena Goltsman Pushes for Gay Rights Boycott of Russia’s Olympics

Nov 25, 2013


LGBT Activists Stage Kiss-In At Brooklyn Ikea To Protest Store's Lesbian Scandal In Russia

Jun 30, 2013


Banned From Marching, Russians Celebrate Gay Pride Online

Jul 24, 2013


Gay athlete plans to wear rainbow pin to Sochi Olympics in Russia

Aug 1, 2013

The Moscow Times

Gay Rights Activists Dump Vodka Outside Russian Consulate in NY

Jul 29, 2013

NYC News

Gay activists call for boycott of 2014 Olympics – and Russian vodka

Jun 24, 2013

The Atlantic

Former Soviet Union Expats to Debut Russian Float at NYC Gay-Pride Parade

Jun 25, 2013


To Russia With #VirtualPride

Jun 25, 2012

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty

Gay Rights Activists In New York March For Equality In Russia

May 16, 2024

Big Issue

'We are here and we exist': Inside the neighbourhood offering sanctuary to queer Russians and Ukrainians

May 20, 2024

Voice of America

19 мая состоялся 8-й Ежегодный гей-прайд-парад на Брайтон-Бич под лозунгом «Наша любовь не экстремизм»

On May 19, the 8th Annual gay pride march on Brighton Beach under the slogan "Our Love is not Extremism"

Nov 30, 2023

Daily Express USA

Desperate Russians beg 'overwhelmed' US charity to relocate as Moscow bans LGBT movement

May 13, 2023

The Good Men Project

Queer Russian Immigrants Struggle to Escape Homophobic Discrimination

May 9, 2023

Gay City News

Trans Brooklynite endures frustrating quest for accountability in Coney Island

Jun 23, 2023


Дебаты с Членом Ассамблеи Аликом Бруком-Красным

Live Debate with New York State Republican Senator Alec Brook-Krasny on Pride Month

Sep 25, 2023

RTVI (NYC-based Russian-language TV station)

Закон о защите дрэг-артистов

A law to protect drag performers

May 22, 2023


Гей-прайд на Брайтоне: как русскоязычные жители Нью-Йорка реагируют на ЛГБТ-марш

Gay Pride on Brighton: how Russian-speaking residents of New York react to the LGBT March

Mar 23, 2023

Gay City News

RUSA LGBTQ+ to host seventh annual Brighton Beach Pride in May

Jun 27, 2023

RTVI (NYC-based Russian-language TV)

Европа готовит визы для США, аномальная жара в Нью-Йорке, (третий гендер в школах)

NYC School system introduces Third Gender Category

May 21, 2023

XAVE Travels

Brighton Beach Pride 2023 Livestream

Apr 19, 2023

Columbia News Service

Queer Russian Immigrants Struggle to Escape Homophobic Discrimination

Mar 20, 2022

Gay City News

RUSA LGBTQ+ Marches for Ukraine in Brighton Beach

Feb 28, 2022

Los Angeles Blade

LGBTQ Ukrainians band together in the face of war

May 20, 2022


Brighton Beach Pride March calls for end of war: ‘Free Ukraine equals Free World’

Jun 27, 2022


'We are a community of immigrants' – Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ group wants to help refugees in NYC

Aug 6, 2021

Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling

Lived Experiences of Recent Russian-Speaking LGBT+ Immigrants in the United States: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

Jun 2, 2021

News 12

Russian community celebrates start of Pride Month with march at Brighton Beach

Jun 9, 2021

Brooklyn Paper

Brighton Beach Pride returns to Riegelmann Boardwalk

Nov 4, 2021

Gay City News

Presenting the 2021 Gay City News Impact Award Honorees (LYOSHA GORSHKOV)

Jan 31, 2020

Harriman Institute of Columbia University

The Politics of Anti-LGBTQ Propaganda in Russia and Ukraine

Jun 22, 2020

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Pride Month isn’t the focus for LGBTQ Jews this year

Jan 29, 2019

Paper Magazine

Russian Official Threatens LGBTQ Leader: 'Go Back to Where You Belong'

Sep 13, 2019

Hamilton Lugar School News

From Russia with Pride: Queer Russian politics takes center stage at HLS

Jan 17, 2019


Queers in Chechnya Are Under Attack Again. Here’s What We Know

May 3, 2018

Voice of America

Russian Asylum Applications In US Hit 24-Year Record

Feb 11, 2018

Logo TV

NYC "Kiss-In" Protests Anti-LGBT Violence in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan

Feb 12, 2018

Huck Mag

New Yorkers protest homophobia by kissing in the rain

Feb 6, 2018

Bring Your Lip Gloss to Voices4 and RUSA LGBT's 'Kiss-in' Protest on Sunday

Aug 10, 2018

Gay Times

Demonstration held in NYC to mark one year since Zelim Bakaev went missing in Chechnya

Jun 25, 2018

W Magazine

Meet the Rainbow of Activists Who Marched at the NYC Pride Parade

Feb 1, 2018

The Newsweek

Trump Endangers the American Dream for Gay Immigrants

Nov 19, 2018

Eurasianet Video

ЛГБТ и второй Брайтон Бич Прайд

LGBT and the second Brighton Beach Pride

May 2, 2018


Russian drag queens put a queer spin on songs from the Motherland

Sep 27, 2017


‘Voices 4 Chechnya’ Speaks Out On Giving Voices To LGBTQ+ Chechens

May 23, 2017


LGBTQ Russian Immigrants Give Brighton Beach Its First Pride Parade

Apr 21, 2017


Gay Chechen Men Share Personal Accounts Of Abuse In This Harrowing Video

May 1, 2017


From Russia with hate: How Putin’s anti-LGBT crackdown led to the persecution of gay men in Chechnya

Jun 16, 2017


Russian-Speaking LGBT Community Shows Pride

May 22, 2017

Daily Beast

First Ever Russian-Speaking Pride March in NYC

Dec 7, 2017


Thanks to Trump, Queer Russian Refugees Are in More Danger Than Ever

May 22, 2017

Voice of America

Гей-парад на Брайтон-бич

Jun 24, 2017

Vice Media

GAYCATION's Ian Daniel Discusses Chechnya's LGBT Crisis

May 20, 2017


New York's Russian LGBTQ community holds first-of-its-kind pride march in Brooklyn

Aug 31, 2017

Rolling Stone

Masha Gessen: A Russian’s Perspective on Trump’s Autocratic Impulses

May 25, 2017

Gay City News

LGBTQ Russians, Allies Liberate Brighton Beach

Sep 24, 2016


Russia’s new scapegoats

Jun 15, 2016

Forum Daily

Russian-speaking gays and lesbians start life from scratch in New York

Jun 30, 2015

The New Yorker

A Weekend of Russian Pride

Jul 22, 2015

The New York Times

A Public Vow of Love, Doubling as an Act of Defiance

Feb 18, 2014


Marketing and the LGBT community: when will it be normal to have gay couples in campaigns?

Jun 10, 2014


This Gay Russian Couple Is Helping Other LGBT Immigrants Find Their Way In New York

Feb 7, 2014

The New Yorker

“Gay Propaganda”: Oleg Dusaev and Dmitriy Stepanov

Jan 11, 2014


The Heartbreaking Story of Two Gay Men Who Were Forced to Flee Russia

Feb 18, 2014

USA Today

Pussy Riot band members released after being detained in Sochi

Jan 17, 2014

Windy City Times

IKEA adds pro-LGBT wording to online magazine in Russia. From a RUSA LGBT press release

Jul 16, 2014

Human Rights First

Russia’s LGBT Community One Year Later: Q&A with Vladislav Slavskiy

Dec 31, 2013

Al Jazeera

Fleeing anti-gay law, Russians head to New York for New Year's Eve

Jul 28, 2013

The Moscow Times

Vodka Brand Stands With Lesbians and Gays Against the Government

Aug 3, 2013


Gay rights activists' misguided Stoli boycott

Jul 31, 2013

Gay City News

Owner, Bartenders from Boxers Bars Dump Stoli in the Gutter

Jul 31, 2013

Queer Nation NY

Queer Nation / RUSA LGBT Protest at the Russian Consulate in NYC

Sep 4, 2013


"Love Always Wins": Hundreds Of New Yorkers Gather To Support Russia's LGBT Community

Jul 31, 2013


Protesters Dump Vodka In Front Of Russian Consulate To Protest Anti-LGBT Laws

Jul 3, 2013


Russian Speakers Celebrate LGBT Pride – in New York

Jul 4, 2013

International Business Times

Sochi 2014 Olympics Unsafe For LGBT Community Under Russia’s Anti-Gay Law, Activists Warn

Jul 11, 2013


New York LGBT group calls for boycott of Russia’s 2014 Winter Olympics

Jul 31, 2013


At Russian Consulate, LGBT Activists Protest Anti-Gay Laws

Jul 30, 2013

The Atlantic

Russian Vodka Boycott in Gay Bars Faces Predictable Backlash

Oct 11, 2013

The Guardian

Kudos to the Nobel peace prize winner, but it's another snub for LGBT activists

Dec 31, 2013

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Freedom

From The U.S. To Russia, 2013 Was The Year LGBT Rights Went Global

Jun 25, 2012

Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty

Russian-Speaking New Yorkers March For Gay Rights

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