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Maxim Ibadov


Country of origin/assiciation:

Born in Brooklyn, U.S, and raised in Moscow, Russia

Maxim is a Brooklyn-born, Moscow-raised activist, events producer, performing artist, and educator. Maxim’s advocacy and activism go back to 2012, when they were a middle schooler in Russia protesting against corruption and bigotry.

They moved to the United States that same year and pursued a career in performing arts, graduating from Baruch College with a double degree in English and Arts Administration in Theatre. During the pandemic, Maxim has shifted from theater to nightlife, producing community-focused events that celebrate the LGBTQIA community and raise awareness about issues ranging from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to transgender rights and racial justice.

This has led to Maxim becoming the first coordinator for RUSA LGBTQ, where they oversee in-person events, manage media and other inquiries, lead a team of volunteers, and do other tasks. In addition to RUSA, Maxim also teaches theater to elementary and middle school students in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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