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Support Group for the Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ Community

A support group for members of the Russian-speaking LGBTQ community in the United States serves as a crucial resource for individuals who are navigating the complexities of immigrating to a new country while also grappling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many LGBTQ immigrants from Russian-speaking countries face unique challenges, including language barriers, cultural differences, discrimination, and the complexities of the U.S. immigration system.

Sense of belonging

LGBTQ individuals who are immigrants may feel isolated and lonely as they adapt to a new country and culture. Joining a support group allows them to connect with others who share similar experiences, challenges, and identities

A place to vent

The group serves as a safe space for members to share their emotions, experiences, and concerns related to their mental health and experiences


Group provides education and advice on self-care, stress management, and coping strategies; practical tips on how to prioritize mental health, manage stressors related to immigration, and practice self-care in the face of daily difficulties 

The Team

The Group sessions are led by experienced volunteer therapists. They are the heart of RUSA, driving our mission forward with their unique skills and unwavering commitment to the needs of LGBTQ+ immigrants
All meetings are held online

Все встречи проходят в Zoom

Периодичность встреч — каждые две недели по средам 


6pm Pacific Time

8pm Central Time  

9pm Eastern Time

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