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RUSA Connects

Fostering Connections and Building Community

About the Program

Every immigrant's journey is unique, but many face the same challenges and have similar questions. Moving to a new country can sometimes make one feel alone. To address this, we introduced RUSA Connects.

What We Do

RUSA Connects is a vibrant online community on Telegram, a popular messaging platform among Russian-speakers. Here, individuals can connect with others, make friends, and ask questions. We have chat groups for various cities like NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle. Plus, focused discussions on topics such as LGBTQ+ parenting, job search, healthcare, and education.

Our Impact

By creating a space for conversation and connection, we're helping reduce feelings of loneliness many experience. We aim to ensure everyone has a supportive community to turn to. Your backing can help this community grow, forging stronger connections and friendships

Join RUSA Connects

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