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Rainbow Connections

Finding Peers for Asylum-seekers

About the Program

'Rainbow Connections' is our latest initiative, aimed at bridging the gap between the local LGBTQIA community in the United States and newly arrived LGBTQIA asylum seekers. Supporting asylum seekers, making them feel welcome, fostering unity and promoting understanding is the goal of the program.

What We Do

In a "buddy system," asylum seekers are matched with volunteers who become their friends, advocates, and guides. 'Rainbow Connections' will incorporate a variety of events throughout the year, including social gatherings, cultural explorations, and educational workshops, to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQIA community and promote social inclusion.

Our Impact

'Rainbow Connections' fosters empathetic and genuine relationships between volunteers and asylum-seekers, ultimately building a more resilient and inclusive community. Creating direct and supportive connections helps to alleviate feelings of isolation, improve integration, and positively impact the lives of asylum-seekers as well as volunteers.

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