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Pro Se Legal Assistance

Offering Legal Guidance and Support

About the Program

The U.S. Immigration system is known for its complexity and challenges. Many face obstacles with the intricate legal forms, long wait times, and potential for brutal errors. RUSA LGBTQ+ understands these challenges firsthand

What We Do

With directing individuals to existing legal resources, we are actively working to establishing a Pro Se Legal Clinic. In partnership with SAFE Asylum and SAFE attorney Sebastian Maguire, our aim is to address the severe shortage of free legal resources. We are dedicated to answering asylum seekers' questions, providing workshops, and guiding through the often daunting paperwork as they fill our most of the paperwork on their own and with the help of our multi-lingual volunteers under the attorney's supervision

Our Impact

Though our capacity is currently limited, our mission is steadfast. Legal professionals who share our vision are encouraged to join us. For potential donors, your contribution can help us extend our reach and make a tangible difference

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