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Health and Mental Health Support

Finding Empowerment in Shared Experience

About the Program

Transitioning to a new country is challenging. Transitioning to a new country because of fear of persecution or ongoing persecution is challenging exceptionally. When combined with the experiences of being LGBTQ+ asylum-seeker, it can be even daunting. We recognize these layered challenges, which is why our Health an Mental Health Support program is dedicated to offering a safe space for shared experiences and growth.

What We Do

Our partnership with NYU Langone LGBTQ Patient Navigator is a lifesaver for many. Our community members receive hands on assistance with health insurance application, doctor's appointments and HIV care referrals and accompaniments.

We run various support groups tailored for the Russian-speaking LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. Here, members can freely discuss their journeys, challenges, and aspirations. Our aim is to address the unique issues they face, be it language barriers, cultural clashes, or the nuances of the U.S. immigration system.

Our Impact

Over 500 people receive healthcare navigator support every year. Our two different support groups are open to all to drop in online.

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