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Solidarity With Trans People in Russia

We Call for Solidarity and Action in the Face of Rising Oppression

Solidarity With Trans People in Russia

With the the passing of the ban on trans healthcare in Russia, we are witnessing a distressing wave of attacks on the rights of transgender individuals that extends beyond borders.

From Hungary to Uganda and conservative states within the United States, there is a growing assault on the fundamental human rights and dignity of the trans community. Despite differing justifications, the underlying sentiment remains the same: a systematic denial of recognition and humanhood.

In the face of this adversity, it is crucial for us to stand united, expressing our solidarity and unwavering support for our trans siblings. We want to emphasize that you are not alone – we love you, we care for you, and we will continue to fight for a world where everyone can live freely and authentically, transcending the oppressive regimes and discriminatory policies that seek to suppress us. Together, we will triumph over these challenges, creating a future where every individual is embraced, respected, and celebrated for who they are.

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