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RUSA announces the launch of a new program: 'Rainbow Connections'

In this program, we match newly arrived asylum seekers with locals who have lived in their city for a while

RUSA announces the launch of a new program: 'Rainbow Connections'

We are pleased to announce the launch of 'Rainbow Connections', our newest initiative. It is inspired by a pressing need for inclusion, support and understanding among the LGBTQIA asylum-seeking community in the United States.

Background and Significance

Our mission is to bridge the gap between American-based LGBTQIA communities and individuals seeking refuge from countries where their identities are not accepted or even persecuted. 

How it works

A key component of our program is our innovative "buddy system." Volunteers are paired with newly arrived asylum-seekers and become their primary point of contact, offering support, guiding them through American life, and being a friendly face in an unfamiliar place.

Through these direct relationships, we seek to alleviate isolation and promote genuine connections, ultimately enriching the experiences of both asylum-seekers and volunteers alike.

An activity-based approach to social inclusion

Throughout the year, 'Rainbow Connections' will present a variety of events to engage and integrate LGBTQIA community members. In order to foster social inclusion and celebrate diversity, there will be a number of social gatherings, cultural exploration activities, and educational workshops. We believe that community can be built stronger and more welcoming through shared experiences.

Become a Volunteer!

The program relies heavily on volunteers, who essentially define its success. In order to support displaced people, we're looking for empathetic and committed individuals. 

A few of the responsibilities include:

  • Consistently communicating with their buddy.

  • They connect their buddy with resources in the local area.

  • Getting involved in social interaction programs.

How and why you should participate 

Volunteering with 'Rainbow Connections' is a rewarding way to make a tangible difference in our community. We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about supporting LGBTQIA causes and fostering social inclusion. Apply for a volunteer position by filling out this form.

apply to volunteer

Spread the word!

'Rainbow Connections' shows the power of unity and friendship. As we strive to foster a more accepting and inclusive society, we invite you to join our mission. Even if you are not able to volunteer, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word about 'Rainbow Connections'. 

Share this announcement on social media and with friends, family, or coworkers.

Your involvement, whether as a volunteer or as a supporter, helps to foster a sense of acceptance and understanding in an environment where LGBTQIA individuals may feel isolated and unwelcome.

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