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6th Brighton Beach Pride. Free Ukraine = Free World!

To take place on May 22, 2022 at the Brighton Beach Boardwalk

 6th Brighton Beach Pride. Free Ukraine = Free World!

6th Brighton Beach Pride is held in support of Ukraine and its efforts to combat Russian aggression in ongoing war Brooklyn, NY - For the last three months brave and courageous Ukrainians have been fighting Russian aggression. Fighting for their freedom, identity and right to choose their own destiny. Ukraine has become a new leader of the free world. By defeating Russian colonialism, Ukraine is not only liberating its own lands, but shielding Europe from Putin’s delusional and maniacal ambitions. 

The humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine caused by senseless Russian invasion, has left millions of Ukranians displaced, thousands civilians brutally tortured, raped and killed. Whole cities, towns and villages are wiped out. Every single dollar is important. Any support and assistance is crucial. 

We, as a community of LGBTIQA+ immigrants and allies from multiple walks of life, have come together to support people of Ukraine. Those Ukranians who come as refugees to the U.S. require a system of support (financial, cultural, mental etc.) We appreciate everyone who has responded to our call for help. 

It is for moments like this we need to keep building a stronger community. Come join us at Brighton Beach Pride, find out how you can participate and contribute to our work in making the RUSA LGBTQ+’s community stronger. Let’s make it together!

Brighton Beach Pride goals: 

  • To support the people of Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression;

  • To urge people of the U.S. to support Ukranians here and there by donating to different humanitarian organizations;

  • To urge the U.S. elected and government officials to keep sending military aid to Ukraine and extend its immigration programs to displaced refugees from Ukraine; 

  • To combat bigotry and colonial attitudes within the Russian-Speaking community in the U.S.

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